Getting the best talent,

Starts with getting to know you.

How can we suggest Chemistry is an agency which values the importance of the connection between people without getting to know you?

We can’t.
And we don’t.

You’re more than welcome to email us a job spec, but until we’ve met you face to face and began to scratch the surface of getting to know you, we won’t be able to carry out the work to the highest standard we’re used to and that you, the client, deserves. Our job much more than just approaching someone with a job vacancy. It’s about creating a brief that builds a picture, and tells a story about your business; and potentially, their next career move.

As our name would suggest, we believe in connecting people and business, based on their talent, culture, way of thinking, point of view, but above all else, their personality

And when we’ve met you once we’ll have enough to get things moving. But that won’t be the last you see of us.

Companies change, people change. And the more times we see you the better we know you. Before you know it we’ll be at that sweet spot like we are with all of our clients. The point where you simply tell us what you’re hiring for and when you need the hire – we’ll do the rest. It’s then that you and us have Chemistry.

Feel free to drop us a line and let’s see if we can help.


Our process.

The chemistry behind Chemistry.

1. CV Selection

We begin our search by collecting a list of the candidates we feel best suited for the job, based on your brief criteria.

2. Phone Screening

We make contact to fully present the details of the opportunity to the candidates and to get a better idea whether they’d be right for the role.

3. In-Person Interview

Based on the initial phone conversations we’d narrow this shortlist down further, and meet with them face-to-face, to get to know them individually (if we haven’t already), to understand their personality, and get a better gauge of their social and verbal communication skills.

4. Introduce to Clients

Our final selection of CVs from the best candidates will be given to clients for initial assessment.

5. Client Feedback and Interviews

The client will evaluate the recommended candidates and inform us of the selection they’d like to meet in person for a face-to-face interview.

6. Successful Placement

Once a final candidate has been selected, we will help draw up a contract and negotiate a formal offer; after which the candidate will be officially placed and a start date confirmed.


Our accolades speak for themselves. Quite literally.