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The political landscape

What was the impact on recruitment, hiring, and growth in the UK?

Brexit, and this may come as a surprise, appears to have had a minimal impact on recruitment and hiring and overall unemployment in the UK has reached a low of 1.44 million.

Personal politics aside, there are practical reasons why people in the UK’s creative industries are worried that Brexit would be bad news - including their concerns about free movement of talent, residency, funding and Britain's reputation around the world.

UK Hiring trends

1 in 11 UK jobs is for the creative industries

Despite modest growth in the economy, the UK’s creative industries employment rate keeps on rising faster than all other parts of the economy. The sector employs more than 2 million people with the rate of job growth far outstripping the wider UK economy. We even saw pay rises either as a promotion or moving companies as well as an increased demand for specialist talent. (Yes, we’re looking at you, big data and digital design people!)

And did someone say ‘in-house’? A demand for in-house talent is also a big trend.

What are the key trends?

We uncover the creative industries’ needs and environment

Pay increases

Digital designers saw their bank account boosted by 43% while performance marketing professionals by 40% - project managers, marketeers and PR wizards saw significant pay increases as well.

Industry trends

Remote and flexible working, creating teams in-house, diversity, transparency, big data, AI are all big trends – to name but a few.


Most companies are actively hiring and up to 65% are recruiting permanent staff and/or freelancers.

Why do people leave their jobs?

Lack of career development and progression comes first, followed by insufficient pay or unfair pay practices.


It’s all about the Work-Life balance for creatives. The majority of the people would take flexible working over a bonus any day.


Creative industries staff hit education record with 84% possessing undergraduate and/or postgraduate degrees.


Show me the money! The creative industries go from strength to strength with 37% of those working in digital marketing handling a budget of £1 million.


The Chemistry Salary Survey

Download our guide and start transforming your career today.

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